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This law has a significant effect on the way you react towards other people, the energies in them when they are with you and how each of you interacts with the other. As you become more aware of strength of the law you also realise that it is your aware adult alone that has the ability to create a real balance between opposite energies. Each time you become aware of a particular energy that is polarised (either too strong or too weak) in you, you understand more about things that seem to ‘go wrong’ around you and discover new ways to fix them.

Balancing positive energy

• Working with the ‘best parts’ (the positive energies) in other people and yourself creates more positive energy in both people and maintains the energy balance. 

• The more positive energy you send towards another person the more you empower them to grow in positive ways and to make their own changes the way they need to.

Unbalanced negative energy

• Most of the negative things that happen around you contain valuable lessons you need to learn. Whether it seems like it at the time or not, something good usually comes out of something bad. Negative events often have a way of turning out, unexpectedly, for the best. When one door closes another door opens.

• Sending negative energy towards another person increases negative or disempowering energy in both of you.

• The harder your selves apply negative energy (attacking, judging, criticising, arguing, pressuring, punishing, shaming, blaming) towards other people’s inner selves, with the intention that what your selves do will stop or change something that person’ selves are doing, the harder their selves will fight back.

• Usually, that means the other person’s selves will have the person resist you even more. The positive change you hoped for is less likely.

For many people, myself included, too much polarised energy applied towards mechanical and electronic objects seems to produce a similar result.


• The more you understand your own vulnerability or pain, the more you can understand and guide others facing the same issues

• If you feel fear inside you will find fear outside you

• Only after you can rely on yourself can you start to rely on others

• Unless you feel safe alone with yourself you will not feel safe with other people

• If you care too much for other people you will not care enough for yourself

• Until you really love yourself you cannot really love anyone else

• If you trust your own judgement (reality) you will be comfortable with others who have a different reality of their own

• The more you can be who you really are the more others can be themselves with you

• If you find it hard to accept compliments you’ll find it hard to give them

• To the degree that you can enjoy your own company alone you will attract people as friends who are equally comfortable with themselves. If you are uncomfortable with yourself, that’s the kind of people you will attract

• The better your own boundaries the less trouble you will have with other people whose boundaries are not working

• When parents use too much negative energy to stamp out a particular way of thinking, feeling or acting in their family (for example fear, spontaneity, immorality, dishonesty or sexual energy) that pattern is likely to become dominant in one or more of their children.

Energies can only be balanced, not switched on or off

After reading this page, you might decide to cease immediately your old habit of criticising your partner and instead apply lots of positive energy towards him or her. If you attempt this too rapidly, that means your selves are doing a fast flip rather than letting your aware adult create the balance. Energies can be balanced, they cannot be switched on or off.

Changing energy levels too rapidly like this, or attempting to switch them on or off can cause others around you unconsciously to make equally rapid changes to maintain the old imbalance.

In the example above, your partner who was normally happy and positive (to balance your previous negative energy) may suddenly become destabilised, sad, angry or even get sick. Balancing energies through your aware adult avoids this.


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For each energy state or self within you there exists an opposite energy or an opposite self. Often one is outside of you, at other times both are inside you. You cannot get rid of either one of them and if you try to, it will find other ways to come back to you in order to maintain the energetic balance.

For example, if one side within you, such as positive thoughts and feelings, gets too strong or out of balance then, somewhere outside of you, (or inside you) your disowned negative energy will build up in some way to keep the balance.