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* This site is about Voice Dialogue and Self-Awareness work, one  of my great passions.  It is dedicated to Dr Hal Stone and and Dr Sidra Stone who developed this powerful process and their continuing work on the Psychology of the inner Selves.

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I also have other passionate interests that all have to do with personal growth and inner child work. Some of these are connected to but not directly related to Voice Dialogue. So  my articles about those topics won’t appear on this web site.  

Go to  Core Beliefs Balance -  A web site devoted to balancing your hidden negative core beliefs and the clamps and blockages and over-reactions they cause in peoples lives

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What’s this about  an “inner village”?

NOTE: Because this is my Voice Dialogue site, in most cases on this website you will notice I stick to well recognised voice dialogue terms to describe the inner selves, and explain how they protect us. I do however try to make my explanations easier to visualise by telling stories or fables to create a clearer picture in your mind.  

Some abstract voice dialogue descriptions are a bit difficult to visualise, for example the “primary inner selves that make up the operating ego”.  In my own world what goes on in my operating ego is so much like an old fashioned village that I have got used to describing my operating ego as my “inner village” and in these pages I often use that term. I hope it might help you also to visualise what is going on for you in your operating ego.

An interesting aspect to this is that when I dialogue with other people’s inner selves and I ask them about “life in your inner village” they often respond in a way that suggests they, as inner selves feel very comfortable talking about their daily work load and their responsibilities as if it was taking place in a familiar old and rather tradition bound village.

I imagine this is because most inner selves can’t quite get their busy minds around abstract psychological descriptions. What I have discovered is that the more I talk with them as members of an inner village the more this seems to help them develop their sense of character, and their ability to talk about their work more freely, which is one of the basic aims of voice dialogue. I have yet to talk with an inner self that tells me “Correction, I live and work in an operating ego not a village!”

Other people’s selves that I have dialogued with, live and work in an inner garden, an inner family, an inner tribe, an inner orchestra, an inner shop; an inner bus, on an inner ship, a train, an inner plane, an inner congregation. If visualising things this way helps people understand voice dialogue then I support the idea of letting your inner selves (as I allow mine to do) live wherever they want to, including an operating ego if that is their preference.  

The best way as with all aspects of voice dialogue is to discuss this question with a few inner selves and ask them to tell you how they best like to describe the place where they live and work.

What are WING and SAGE selves?

On this website I often use the terms “self aware and grown-up” WING or SAGE to describe the parts of us, the rather different kind of inner selves that we are all seeking to develop, our Aware Grown Up system.  

I do not suggest that this is the same as the "Aware Ego" as Hal and Sidra Stone describe it, however the "WING” and “SAGE” parts of us reflects many of the characteristics of what Hal and Sidra describe as the "Awareness Self". In most people I work with the WING and SAGE selves are identified by their more balanced energy and their desire to integrate the and work as balanced pairs instead of the previously unbalanced way that is typical of polarised opposite inner selves.

As I see it, identifying and dialoguing with the WING and SAGE selves quickly gives us a way of consciously connecting with our sense of self empowerment, and self-awareness. As we dialogue with them, talking with those selves, identifying them and addressing them as the  “self aware grown-up system” helps us:

* provide that person (and her or his inner child) with clear evidence that there is a stronger more self aware system now working within them

*  identify what tasks the self aware grown-up selves are ready to take over from the older more polarised “we’ve always done it that way” selves

* create a stronger sense that this stronger part of us is already “up and running” and available right now  to start protecting our inner child and reducing our underlying vulnerability.

There is bit of a problem with the term “ego” in Australia because down here it has so many different connotations and different meanings for individual people (most of them negative). For this reason I don’t often make a direct reference to the “aware ego” by that name.  

Some people have suggested that’s also because I still haven’t developed much of an aware ego of my own.

I will leave it to you to make that judgement for yourself.

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Voice Dialogue and Growing Awareness

“..... A remarkable tool for self help and empowerment”

From Hal Stone PhD and Sidra Stone PhD authors of “Embracing Our Selves” and creators of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of the Selves

Making positive changes in your life, the way you want to make them and at your own pace.

Personal growth and freedom through self-awareness, increasing the positive choices you have in life.

Making your relationships work. Partnering skills, developing intimacy, trust and stronger linkage.

Voice Dialogue and how it helps to create all these positive changes in your life.

Growing your self-awareness, and how this increases your self empowerment.




Voice Dialogue Facilitator Training Groups - South East Queensland - North Brisbane - South West Brisbane - Sunshine Coast

Trainer John Bligh Nutting has been facilitating since 1993. He trained with Drs Hal Stone and Sidra Stone  in Australia and in the USA and is the author of several voice dialogue books in the “Growing Awareness” Series.

You can contact John by phone on Brisbane Qld 07 3261 2882 or by e-mail

Recent  posts

Emotional Age and the Inner selves

EMDR Why and how  it works so well with PTSD

Repeated Childhood Trauma


RSDP (Repeated Self-defeating Patterns)



I have published a number of free books which I am happy to share with you and which introduce you to some of the main topics covered in my Growing and Flying Awareness Awareness Book Sets.

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Click on Emotional Age and Your Inner Selves

The more I work with Voice Dialogue and the Inner Selves the more I come to appreciate the significance of the emotional age of each individual inner self.

This new approach is, I believe, one of the most significant that I have worked on in recent years. It provides a visual way of looking at our Inner selves and what inner selves do, how effective they are when they do those things and the links with their changing emotional ages.

Free Inner Self Profile Sheets and a free book -  For many years I have been using different kinds of Inner Self profile sheets that help keep a visual record of your inner selves as you meet and talk with them.

There are different places for different kinds of selves on the profile sheet according to their different energies, emotional ages or the different ways they do things to protect you.

If you would like a copy of the latest version of my Profile sheets it is now part of a free book that explains how to use the profile.

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RSDP  - repeated patterns of self defeating behaviours. We all do this sometimes.

RSDP Explained  click here

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