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Voice Dialogue Explained

How to Start

Who is driving

Disowning explained

Repeated Patterns Self-defeating

What you can do about RSDP

The Darker side of RSDP

RSDP case studies

Self Awareness Pages

Might Hurt a Bit

Is it Safe to Change Here

Inner Parents and Under age selves

Negative Core Belief and inner Child

Hot Wired or Triggered

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Four Levels of Self Awareness

Processing Your Past

Emotional Age Awareness

Know thy Selves-  A Guide

What Selves Do

Free Inner self Profile sheet

Carried Selves

Inner Matriarch

Inner Patriarch


Specially Entitled selves

The Knower group


Cannons Crucifixes or Concrete

Inner Selves - other

Short History of Inner Selves

Rescuer-Bird- Broken Wing

1001 Typical selves

Voice Dialogue Fables

Life on Your Bus

Magic Orchestra

Village Fable

Muddled Selves

The Stolen Self Esteem Case

Two Explorers

Two Codependents

Do That Again and Again

Adaption process

Inner Goddess

The Lighter Side

God's letter to All

Rules School of Life

A time comes when you get it

Inner Child e-mail

Opposite Energies (Balancing)

Law of energetic balance

Personal and Impersonal Pairs

Impersonal selves

Personal selves

Impersonal or Personal Case Studies

Doing and Being Pairs

Polarised Selves and Flipping

Primary vs Disowned Selves

Identifying Polar Opposites

Unbalanced Polar Opposites

Polarised Thinking

Power and Control Issues

Avoiding Manipulation

Negative Bonding

Drawing a Bonding Pattern

Bonding pattern Case studies

Training Groups