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Dear Us,

Sometimes I need to remind the rest of you that I am here too inside us all the time.

If I am feeling needy today and our aware grown-up parts are not helping calm those needy feelings I will feel more needy than ever.

If I am not feeling loved today and our aware grown-up parts do not give me some unconditional love I will feel more unloved than before.

If I am feeling frightened and unprotected and our aware grown-up parts do not step in, take over and protect me, then I will feel more fear than ever.

If I am feeling overwhelmed by what other people are doing to us and our aware grown-up parts do not remind me that it is not my job to stop this happening I will feel more than ever that I really am meant to go on being a victim.

If I am feeling responsible for fixing things and our aware grown-up parts do not explain quietly “Please leave it to me this is grown-ups work”  I will feel overwhelmed by the responsibility.

If I am stuck today trying to make difficult choices or difficult decisions and our aware grown-up parts do not take over and explain that making those kinds of choices is “Grown-ups Work” then I will keep working on it, but I am very young and I am fearful I may not make the right decision. Then I will feel I am at fault, ashamed and guilty because I got it wrong.

If I am feeling guilt or shame or blame and our aware grown-up parts do not explain that whatever happened was not my fault, then my guilt and shame grows even stronger.

If I need to medicate as we all do sometimes do to block the pain and shame and guilt and fear I need our grown-up parts to step in and reassure me that those feelings do not belong to me at all. Until they do that I suppose I will just have to keep on medicating to block them for yet another day.

If I’m today just feeling somehow not good enough because I am wrong, powerless, forgotten, unseen, unlovable, and I have been hotwired to my old Core Beliefs I need our grown-up parts to take over and balance those feelings with powerful positive ones. Until then, I will keep getting triggered and react in ways that harm me and everyone else.

If today, because I am feeling all these feelings, I will also feel just a little too young, I can’t cope and I don’t want to do this any longer and I have no fuel and no tools. If you my grown-up parts are not there to take over, I will have another bad, sad day today.


If I believe you the aware grown-up parts have forgotten I am still here, if they are too busy to talk with me, won’t pause for a moment to think about me, then the pain of that abandonment will be so strong that you and they and I will both feel it in our body, in our mind and in our heart.

I need you to remember this, please because the more you remember what I am telling you the less pain you and I will feel and the better day we will both have together today.

With all my love, because I love all of you too.

Your Inner Child

From: Your Inner  
Sent: Wednesday, 14 August 2013
To: You The Grown-up Parts and all the Other Parts of Us
Subject: Re: Sometimes I need to remind you