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About John Bligh Nutting

BA (Psych) University of Qld; National Australian Register - Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation Australia (PACFA) #20969; State Register - Clinical Counsellor - Queensland Counsellors Association (QCA) #230-80156; QDAH (Hons)

Qualified psychotherapist lecturer, trainer, counsellor and Voice dialogue facilitator - Over 45 years experience in counselling while lecturing in TAFE, Qld University of Technology (QUT) and other colleges.

Eighteen years in private practice. Wide range of successes with individuals and couples, using the latest relationship techniques learned in the USA and Australia.

My counselling rooms are at Bald Hills on the Northern side of Brisbane Queensland (Australia). I am happy to work with you here on self-awareness, self-empowerment, inner child and core belief and emotional age balancing and other associated processes covered in this website.

I also run training groups at Bald Hills,  Alderley and the Gold Coast,  in all  the same areas. 

Ph Brisbane Queensland ( 07) 3261 2882  or Mobile/Cell  0414 57 00 16  or e-mail me


1. A wide range of counselling techniques, specifically developed for use with repetitive patterns and self-esteem issues and tailored to suit each client’s individual needs.

2. Voice dialogue, the outstandingly successful process developed by Dr Hal Stone and Dr Sidra Stone for working through inner conflict and re-empowering the client and recommended by Michael Rowland

3. Inner Child, Emotional Age and Core Belief balancing including anger and shame reduction. These widely recognised treatments were developed in the USA by Pia Melody, Dr John Bradshaw and other therapists including Dr. Nicky Nemerouf They have an extremely high success rate

4. EMDR (Desensitising stress using body rhythm). This non-hypnotic treatment is rapidly becoming recognised as a valid, functional and effective method to help with excessive stress related to past trauma. Accredited Training program completed February 1997

5. Visualisation processes that enable clients to make significant changes in their life.

6. Clinical member - Queensland Counsellors Association Past member QCA Executive committee.



I am 77 years old. (I don't think like it, don't feel like it, don't act like it.). I am a grandfather with four grandchildren. I am trying to retire from all this but my pusher keeps putting temptations in my way. Another self, I think it's the 'take it easy' one has managed to get me into a 4-wheel drive Land Rover Discovery with which I and my selves are trying to escape from Brisbane more often, much to the pusher's disgust. 

I like classical music (and 40s and 50s Broadway musical numbers) when I am in my study writing and traditional country and western and classic jazz when I am driving.  In September 2008 I danced and sang on stage for the first time in my life in local amateur production of the Broadway musical “Annie” (and loved it).

I am a direct descendant of Captain William Bligh (Mutiny on the Bounty).  Bligh later became the fourth Governor of the NSW Colony in Australia where he got himself another mutiny (the Rum Rebellion). Our family have some very interesting selves handed down from generation to generation including a 'Captain Bligh self'. On the other hand I also have a strong mutineer- rebel self as one of my energetic opposites.

I have always had trouble with an overly strong pusher, a rational mind, a knower or three and a 'gotta make it work self' as well, all of whom are great for writing books and setting up websites, not so good for feeling or being, so that is still my biggest challenge, but I'm getting there. Fifteen years ago had a totally unexpected heart attack and finished up with a major bypass op. (No family history, no high cholesterol, not overweight, not a smoker - guess that it had to be pusher related). Gradually learning to take it easier, stop and smell the roses, exercise more better diet. My heart is now in better condition than it has been in years.

My unbalanced core beliefs are that I am of no value unless I am working, and that I can't make anything work. My compensating skills include helping everyone else to feel valuable and helping everyone else to get things to work. (What a combination for a relationship counsellor!)

My primary addiction is workaholism but I am somewhere in recovery. I am dedicated to working the Twelve Steps to maintain my recovery (when I should be going to a meeting I'm often too busy helping others!)

I love you all



All three are staunch green conservationists.

You can tell/see I am very proud of them and their outlook on life. They are not so happy with my meat eating and my slightly less green attitudes and constantly seek to re-educate me.

Farewell to my old dog.

My old dog, an Australian Blue Heeler named "Captain Bligh" finally passed on to the Great Kennel in the Sky last year.

I miss him. He was one of the most loyal characters I have ever known and taught me so much about unconditional  love.

Contact John Nutting

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