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Voice Dialogue - Inner Self Awareness

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 Voice Dialogue

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Introduction to Voice Dialogue

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How to do it  Self Awareness  Inner Selves - a Guide

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Do it Yourself Voice Dialogue

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Four Levels of Self-awareness

Negative Bonding Patterns

Understanding Bonding Patterns

Bonding Patterns Notes

More notes on Bonding Patterns

Getting out of Bonding patterns

Bonding Patterns case studies

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Underlying Vulnerability

Bottom Line Issues

When selves try to deal with abandonment and engulfment

The adult-child state

Accessing and Sharing Your Emotions

The Finger in the Socket Test

The Twelve Steps of Dependants Anonymous

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The many Languages of love

Power and Control in relationships

Personal and Impersonal Connections

Making up After a Fight

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|Home | Voice Dialogue Explained | Try it Yourself |Getting Started|1001 Inner Selves - a guide |

Introduction to Voice Dialogue

The three stages of Self Awareness (illustrated)

Signs an inner self is driving Your Bus

Identifying opposite selves

Avoiding - Engulfing - Abandoning - Enmeshment Dance

A Short History of the Inner Selves

Negative Core Beliefs - and how they control the selves and your life

Where does core belief work fit in with voice dialogue?

How and why your inner selves react when a core belief is triggered

The High Intensity selves - Cannons, Crucifixes and Concreting the Cellar

The troublesome ten percent

The self-fulfilling prophecy trap

The "Top 100"  Inner selves

Voice Dialogue helps You balance Your Belief System and regain Control of your life