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Voice Dialogue - Inner Self Awareness

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Rosemarie Schwager’s site - Rosemarie has trained with me and is becoming widely recognised as a trainer, coach and speaker. She describes her  work as helping you to understand “How you develop your INNER SELVES through discovering you, from the inside out!”

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Glenda Wilson’s website - a fascinating combination of  spiritual and artistic approaches to self awareness.

Glenda is the joint  founder of  Our Youth On The Move (OYOTM)   with  Kent Lucas, founder of the  Winner's Circle. They  have created an alliance called  Winner's Circle, Montgomery County Alliance. Their alliance is based on the foundation of their similar passions to see area youth reach their potential.

Robyn Kirby

Robyn is a Spiritual Psychotherapist and has trained in Body Dialogue and Voice Dialogue with Judith Stone (Hal Stone's daughter) in Boulder, Colorado (USA), Robin and Paul Gale-Baker and Michael Rowland and has practiced Voice Dialogue for more than 5 years.


She successfully combines Voice Dialogue with Body Dialogue. She is a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Modeller of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and holds a Certificate of Counselling, Distinction from James Cook University, Qld.

Kali Shub’s websites. Kali is a Sound Shaman , an outstanding spiritual and self awareness healer.

Endorsed Self Awareness Self empowerment
and Inner Self Sites

These sites have been created by people I know and work with  personally so I am very happy to endorse them and their work in the wonderful and rewarding fields of Self Awareness, Self Empowerment and Self healing

John B Nutting

If you have worked or trained with me and would like to be included on this page please e-mail me. (You will know my address)