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Voice Dialogue - Inner Self Awareness

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The Voice dialogue process was developed by Drs Hal and Sidra Stone. It still works as well as ever, we love it, we still use it daily with our clients, and support it 100%.

How to Have a Basic Voice Dialogue session

All you need for a basic stating session is three or better still a few more chairs and two people, one to be the interviewer or facilitator and the other person to be the interviewee or client. Yes, it is OK to swap the facilitator and client roles after a while. If you are alone there are also a number of ways of doing Voice dialogue by yourself.  

But if you are just beginning it is important first to:

1. Order a copy of the Book 14 Voice Dialogue Facilitators Guide 2010   $11.75 e-mailed as a pdf
2. Read the few essential do’s and don’ts for facilitators at the end of that book                                                    

The one thing you really need to keep in mind is that the role of a facilitator is to remain positive and very much neutral while clearly believing in the existence of the selves. You might compare the role to that of the conductor of a large orchestra, helping the overall process but not playing any instrument nor favouring any one player over others. In fact the facilitator’s part can actually become so minimal that dialoguing without one need not be a problem.


Self awareness work puts the tool kit squarely in your hands, nobody is telling you what to do or how or when to do it. That takes a bit of extra courage, but as you learn how you can remove your own individual clamps and blockages your capacity to make changes by yourself increases with every experience. Hence the term Growing Awareness.

How to start getting more self awareness, self-empowerment and self-healing using Voice dialogue

My belief is that self awareness work and in particular voice dialogue should be like a form of gentle coaching with the aim of developing your unique and individual pathway to your own self empowerment. It's more like climbing a mountain but everybody's mountain is different so no one else can tell you how to do it. Your pace needs to be self timed, not paced by anyone else.

You choose when or what you do with your growing self empowerment and when and how quickly or slowly because it is your journey.

Like to try Voice dialogue? It is a gentle natural process and does not require ‘training’ to get started at the basic level. Training comes later if you decide to take your self-awareness work to a higher level.

If you would like to find out more about the advanced levels see Four levels of self-awareness . If you are just starting out leave that page until a bit later.

My other websites

I also have a number of other web sites which focus on special aspects of voice dialogue work but which also incorporate other psychotherpay models and processes not covered in Voice dialogue teaching.

These sites will tell you more about this:

Outlines an experimental and alternate way of  explaining voice dialogue using highly visual terms not  used  in Voice dialogue teaching

My first website   - This website was the original 1994 site that started the Voice Dialogue and Growing Awareness Series  - it is still a great site and there are still some pages that are found only on this site.

If you are interested in Voice Dialogue training and Self Awareness groups in Queensland Australia you can check out the latest news on

Voice Dialogue and Growing Awareness Training in Australia.

We conduct regular training in Voice Dialogue in Brisbane and in the Buderim, Noosa Yandina Cooroy and Gold Coast areas and also support a joint training group in Sydney.

Names of Practicing Voice Dialogue  trainers and facilitators (Australia only)