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Voice Dialogue - Inner Self Awareness

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1. The prime concern of each one of your inner selves is protecting your underlying vulnerability. The first and most important step in all inner self work is to honour this as their basic intention. This was the gift that Dr, Hal Stone and Dr Sidra Stone brought to self awareness work with their first book on Voice Dialogue “Embracing Our Selves”. Until then traditional psychotherapy often focused on trying to “get rid of” a self if it appeared to be causing problems even short term.

2. You cannot get rid of an inner self. Far better to honour it and find out what it  sees itself as doing and what its idea is of the best way of “protecting” you.

3. Each inner self is a specialist. There are no combinations or ‘all-rounder's. That is what they are all doing, so it is better to avoid referring to any one individual self as “THE” Protector or “THE” Controller.

4. Your hardest working inner selves are the most active ones because they are the most effective in providing day to day protection.

5.The level of power or degree of energy of a inner self's activity within you is a good indicator of how much it is needed to provide protection

6. Your inner selves often operate automatically to help you cope more quickly when your unbalanced or negative core beliefs are triggered.

7. Each inner self has an upside and a downside. They are never all helping or all unhelpful. Each one can do both but the more you encourage the self to do the things that really help you the more that is what they will do.

8. Inner selves keep growing bigger as they learn more each day about adapting and other ways to reduce your vulnerability or to help you deal with your negative core beliefs.

9. You are the total of all your selves. Even though they are inside you, you are not ‘what your inner selves do or say or feel'

10. Inner selves are like police, they are there to protect you, not to be popular.

11. Your inner selves are the most powerful forces keeping you from experiencing true intimacy with others. As long as they are in charge of protecting you,  you cannot experience much real intimacy because to them, intimacy involves increased vulnerability

12. Your inner selves are not the same selves that other people have inside them to protect their vulnerability.

13. Whenever an inner self spends too much time talking or thinking about other people and things about those people that you wish would change (but which you cannot change) it is distracting you from working on things inside you that you can change (and which you need to change).

14. Inner selves operate in pairs as energetic opposites.  To understand one self you also need to understand its opposite partner and discover whether they oppose each other, disagree with each other, or compliment each other.

15. Voice Dialogue helps you teach opposite selves to stop competing or conflicting and to work as a balanced team. See Opposite Energies Balancing pages on this site.

Free Inner Self Profile Sheet

For many years I have been using an Inner Self profile sheet that allows you to keep a visual record of your inner selves as you meet and talk with them. There are different places for different kinds of selves on the sheet according to their different energies or the different ways they do things to protect you.

If you would like a free copy of the latest version of this Profile sheet please send me an email. Click the link. Please include the header FREE INNER SELF PROFILE (Sorry ....I have no idea why but Comcast will not permit me to reply to any Comcast e-mail address. Please give me an alternate reply address such as Yahoo or Hotmail)