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We recognise that the false core beliefs held by our inner children are the source of many of the errors the inner selves make, trying to help deal with issues that are not real.  That is why we now have two separate websites  devoted just to this one area. These two sites usually get more hits each week than all our other sites combined including this one.

Our Inner Child site is                          http://www.love-your-inner-child.com

There we place a deep emphasis on ‘validating’ the inner child’s early traumatic experiences, acknowledging that these things really happened, that they were wrong, and that above all, the child was not responsible nor to blame for those events. Until the child receives this validation (from the aware adult/ aware ego or inner parent) there seem to be deeper problems that voice dialogue by itself cannot solve because the selves are incapable of giving this level of validation.

Some selves like the inner critic and inner patriarch even tend to go to the polar opposite side, validating false beliefs for example, that the abuse didn't  really happen or  if it did happen it really wasn’t that bad, or worse that if it happened it was the child's fault!

Our Negative Core Belief site is           http://www.core-beliefs-balance.com

On that site I explain how an unconscious belief "I am not good enough" even though it is not true can keep most of the selves so busy trying to offset it that they don't have enough time or energy to focus on real issues.

Much of the success we have involves using voice dialogue to balance an old negative belief with an equally strong polar opposite positive belief. For example "I am never good enough" with "I am worthwhile all the time." We have more success dialoguing with a core belief as such rather than treating it as just another inner self who holds that belief because so many of the primary selves seem to be under the influence of the one same false belief. Inner selves as we know them are not usually as profoundly influenced by what another self believes.  For a long list of typical negative core beliefs  click here.


In Queensland we also work with a special energy state we call the "aware adult". We find this special self appearing on the scene much earlier than the aware ego. In a way it is a bit like the newly germinating seed of the aware ego.

It is similar in some ways to an inner parent selves but more effective at balancing opposite selves. It also plays a major role in the validating process described above.

For additional notes see The Aware Adult (link to come)

Where does Inner Child work and Core belief work fit in with Voice Dialogue?

Voice Dialogue as  we practice it here in Queensland places a fair amount of  focus on maintaining a conscious and active awareness of the inner children within us. We find voice dialogue the ideal way to access our inner children and talk with them about deeper issues such as their  vulnerable feelings and unbalanced or negative core beliefs.  

We agree with Hal and Sidra Stone that inner children are not just another kind of self but the basic core of our true personality. We emphasise and honour that the reason each inner self was created was to protect our vulnerable inner children especially our  'wounded child'.

(We don't agree with what might be called the 'safe' Voice Dialogue approach taken by a few facilitators who avoid working with peoples' vulnerable selves or negative core beliefs.)