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Voice Dialogue - Inner Self Awareness

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There are many many different inner selves but no two are the same.

Some of my selves may have characteristics that make them appear to be similar to some of yours, but when we dialogue with yours and then with mine we will find that they are each unique and a long way from being identical.

Dialoguing with individual selves (using Voice Dialogue) is the only way I know of to learn what your individual inner selves are doing and thinking and saying to help protect you, your inner child and to reduce your feelings of underlying vulnerability.  There are also several different kinds of inner selves. Almost all inner selves have an energetic opposite self somewhere either within you were outside of you.

Free Inner self Profile Sheet

For many years I have been using an Inner Self profile sheet that allows you to keep a visual record of your inner selves as you meet and talk with them. There are different places for different kinds of selves on the sheet according to their different energies or the different ways they do things to protect you.

If you would like a free copy of the latest version of this Profile sheet please follow this link.

The pages in this section of my voice dialogue website will provide you with a guide to some of the characteristics of inner selves in general as well is individual pages about some of the more well-known inner selves.

Pages include.

1 What Inner selves do

2. Selves and Boundaries

3. A Short History of the Inner selves

4. 1001 Inner selves (a long list)

5. Free Inner self profile sheet

2. Some well known Inner selves - names and numbers

   The Knower

   The Justifier

   “Carried” selves

       Inner Patriarch

       Inner Matriarch

   Specially entitled selves

   Cannons Crucifixes and Concrete

    Other Inner selves

There are more pages in this section Click on the light green “Know Thy selves” tab 6th down from the top on the right for a full list.